School Of Ict & Engineering

CourseExam BodyDurationTuition Cost / Semester
Diploma in Information Communication TechnologyKNEC18 Months30,000/=
Diploma in Mobile Phone Application DevelopmentNACEB6 Months30,000/=
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics EngineeringKNEC18 Months30,000/=
Diploma in Computer and Software EngineeringCity & Guilds1 Year30,000/=
Diploma in Business Information TechnologyNACEB18 Months30,000/=
Diploma In Information ScienceKNEC18 months30,000/=
Diploma in Information TechnologyCity & Guilds12 Months30,000/=
Diploma in Media Techniques (Video Production)City & Guilds6 Months30,000/=
Diploma in Sound and Music TechnologyCity & Guilds6 Month30,000/=
Diploma in Software Engineering (Module 1 & 2)City & Guilds,ICM2 Years30,000/=
Diploma in Electronics EngineeringCity & Guilds1 Year30,000/=
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringCity & Guilds1 Year30000/=
Diploma in Computer Engineering & MaintenanceCity & Guilds,ICM12 Months30000/=
Advanced Diploma in Information TechnologyCity & Guilds,ICM12 Months30000/=
PC Maintenance/ Hardware MaintenanceNACEB3 Months15,000/=
A+ Certification, N+ CertificationCompTIA6 Months Each15,000/=
Design Oriented Packages (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD)NACEB6 Months Each15,000/=
Information Communication Technology Technician (ICTT)KASNEB6 Months/ Level20,000/=
Certified Information Communication Technologist (CICT)KASNEB6 Months/ Section20,000/=
Certificate in Information Communication TechnologyKNEC1 Year20,000/=
Certificate in Computer ApplicationsNACEB3 Months15,000/=
Certificate in Information Communication TechnologyKNEC12 Months20,000/=
Computerized Accounting (QuickBooks, Sage, Pastel, etc) NACEB30 Hrs Each15,000/=
Certificate in Computer ScienceKNEC12 Months20,000/=
Certificate in Information TechnologyCity & Guilds6 Months20,000/=
Certificate in Digital Video EditingICM6 Months20,000/=
Certificate in Business Information TechnologyNACEB6 Months20,000/=
Certificate in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringCity & Guilds1 Year20,000/=
Certificate in Electrical & Electronics EngineeringKNEC1 Year20,000/=
Certificate in Computer Engineering & MaintenanceCity & Guilds,ICM6 Months20,000/=
Graphic Design Specialist (CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc)NACEB30 Hrs Each15,000/=
Web & Intranet Design Specialist (Dreamweaver, PHP, etc)NACEB30 Hrs Each15,000/=
Computer Programming Specialist (Java, C++, Delphi, VB etc)NACEB50 Hrs Each15,000/=
Server Operating Systems Specialist (Linux, Windows Server, etc)NACEB40 Hrs Each15,000/=